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Best Selling and Highest Rated Garbage Disposals

Anyone who has had to replace a garbage disposal knows how frustrating it can be. Ideally, a garbage disposal should be reliable for many years to come. We researched the garbage disposal models that are on the market today, to find out which ones are the best-selling and highest rated. A summary of each of the resources we used follows.... Read more →
Computer Hardware

Best Rated Solid State Drives

Just a few years ago, solid state drives were prohibitively expensive, especially in larger capacities. Now, they are much more affordable and are available in a wide variety of sizes and formats. To best understand which drives are the most reliable, we researched both customer reviews and professional testing results. Below you will find... Read more →
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Highest Rated Pressure Washers: Best of the Top 10

Choosing a pressure washer that meets your needs can be a challenge without easily accessible information. We compared user reviews from a variety of reliable sources and compared the data. The results are published here. Keep in mind this information primarily covers customer satisfaction and does not go in depth regarding different types... Read more →
Mobile Phones

Highest Rated New Smartphones from Ting

Click Here for a Ting Promo Code to save $25 Ting has emerged as one of the leading no-contract mobile phone carriers. They use the Sprint service network, but do not require service contracts. According to Ting, the average monthly cost for their service $21. Without contracts, they do not offer any “free” phones. But they do sell... Read more →